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Step 1, Paste the list that you will want to filter into OOo Calc.Step 2, Select the data that you want to filter. After that Go to Data >> Filter >> Standard Filter.Step 3, Click on More Options. This will take you to more advanced options. Lines, arrows, and rectangles - Apache OpenOffice Wiki Figure 5: (Lines and) Arrows toolbar. Drawing a rectangle or square. Drawing a rectangle is similar to drawing a straight line, except that you click on the rectangle icon on the Drawing toolbar, and the (imaginary) line drawn by the mouse corresponds to a diagonal of the rectangle. In addition you will see the outline of the future rectangle change in shape as you drag the mouse around. The outline is shown as a dashed line until you release the mouse button, when the rectangle is drawn. [Solved] Delete a line of underline or dash characters (View ... If I type a few underline or dash characters and hit ENTER, a line all the way across the page or column appears. How can I delete this line? Nothing I try seems to work.

If you mean split lines then go to WINDOW menu and click on remove split. Or not PLease add some additional detail to know your question very easily. Or not PLease add some additional detail to know your question very easily.

How to remove empty cells from OpenOffice spreadsheets… If you have a OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet with lots of blank cells in columns, there are a few ways to remove them.Press OK to close window and apply the filter. The filter will remove the blank cells, and their rows, from the column as shown in the shot below. How To: Remove Header From First Page in OpenOffice Lastly, if you would like to try out OpenOffice, you can download it for free from the OpenOffice website or your can download a portable version here which you can unzip locally and delete after trying out this amazing piece of community-produced software. Удаление OpenOffice из Ubuntu | Ну очень путёвые заметки!… sudo apt-get remove openoffice*.* По теме: Восстановление убунтовской заставки.Все нормально, если наставлено разных версий, все удалит. Работает. Пока не снес толпу офисов, не смог из за сломанных зависимостей java и wine свежие поставить.

Removing line breaks in Open Office writer, etc. I've found a marvelous answer to the problem of removing line breaks in Open Office text,... Removing Line Breaks - LibreOffice Help On the Options tab, ensure that Combine single line paragraphs if length greater than 50% is selected. To change the minimum percentage for the line length, double-click the option in the list, and then enter a new percentage. Click OK. Select the text containing the line breaks that you want to remove. Deleting columns and rows - Apache OpenOffice Wiki Columns and rows can be deleted individually or in groups. Single column or row. A single column or row can only be deleted by using the mouse: Select the column or row to be deleted.

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Most relevant line spacing open office websites.The Forum at is an help and discussion forum for exchanging information and tips with other users of, the open source office suite. Training, Tips, and Ideas: How to Modify … In Calc, you have to press Backspace to delete cell contents instead of pressing Delete like in Excel. Press Delete in Calc, and you get a Delete window that lets you delete formats, text, formulas and/or other elements, a very useful feature. It just might not be quite what you expect. Установка Open Office · Установка Open Office. Apache OpenOffice — свободный пакет офисных приложений. Конкурирует с коммерческими офисными пакетами (в том числе Microsoft Office) как на уровне форматов, так и на уровне интерфейса пользователя. Одним из первых стал поддерживать... RNIT: Small Tip: How to make a horizontal line in …